White spots on clitorus.

White spots on clitorus. What is a tilted womb?

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Sometimes seems one gets more answers on this forum than from GPs or Gyno.

Also have multiple gut issues I am dealing with and hate the thought of an potential antibiotics that may be prescribed.

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Can anyone help me understand what this could be?

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Human papillomavirus HPVthe most common sexually transmitted infection, can cause genital warts, which often manifest in a telltale way.

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Too painful to use dilators so it needs to be done again but i have had 3 good years.

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Something like a membrane came out during my period.

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Syphilis rates are actually on the rise, according to data from the CDCand sometimes this sexually lisaraye mccoy naked infection presents as a painless chancre, or round, open sore on your genitals.

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Feels stimulated sorry to bring this up againbut I need some support.

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Duplicate post.

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Problems with female organs.

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I had vaginal atrophy about a year after my hysterectomy and I went to a holistic doctor and she gave roberta rbd xxx cream to insert with an applicator in my vagina.

You and your doctor can figure out a treatment plan, which may involve medications or laser therapy.

What is a tilted womb?

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