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Viggo mortensen nude eastern promises. Compiled by Martin Chilton.

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It's the second time in a row for you and David Cronenberg.

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Film 50 great quotes about acting.

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You see what you see.

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Cronenberg says that during pre-production, Mortensen sent him a book on Russian criminal tattoos, which was filled with explanations of their meaning, as well as countless pictures.

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What has been the best byproduct of being a part of "Lord of the Rings"?

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Onscreen he's most often a man of action, whether he's wielding a sword in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy or defending his family in "A History of Violence.

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There are some sequences that are pretty hard-hitting, so it's nice to have some comic relief.

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In the universally panned sequel to the movie spin-off of the HBO series, she surprises her boyfriend by serving as a sushi platter.

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He's like a scientist, maybe a mad scientist.

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There is a childish or childlike quality to doing good work, whether it's movies or theater.

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