Stomp groin domination.

Stomp groin domination. A good POV segment from the victim's view as he takes groin abuse at its best with Robin at the helm.

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Men, you know they always forgot the dates.

More judo throws and holds continue to deplete Combat guy of his strength and manhood.

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This time she is wearing some really nice tight red shorts and a black top.

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Gia the Dominatrix Gia is one very serious woman.

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After several judo throws with the lifts, she then continues the onslaught with body, belly, and ball kicking and kneeing up against the wall.

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How do we know they're Because Zilla fucking King?

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Wrong move.

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Pt 3 has Fit Liz in a POV segment performing escorts niagara falla kicks, stomps and grinds to his groin while he sits on the ground bedside.

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She then proceeds to destroy on the floor with groin kicks, stomps, and tramples.

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The pain is horrific, it is a constant killing pain in the groin and shoots up through the torso, making it unbearable when She just walks away and leaves me there.

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