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Spanked by my brother wattpad. Be it shopping, talking to the neighbors or just away for some reason, he hoped Edward was gone.

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Harry gripped Boo-Boo the stuffed bear and nodded.

You know what, forget it.

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Don't do that, you'll choke yourself!

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Edward said watching movies too much would rot his brain.

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Thank you, I very appreciate that.

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Sam put his arm around her and asked, "What's going on kiddo?

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Another young Patroclus fluffy oneshot with lots of cousinly cuddling.

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I-I had an accident on the bus c-coming home and came home and took em off!

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Kae couldn't believe he was spanking her this hard and she still had the brush and five with the belt coming.

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Unfortunately there were only two "students" in this classroom.

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