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Snape harry spank. Let us go to Dumbledore's office.

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Normally I would say that it was unfair like every other time you received detention from him, but I must say that I agree and you deserved this.

Now, if only he could convince Harry.

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The moment the bell rang, Harry grabbed his stuff, squeezed it in his bag and ran out of the room without a glance backwards.

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Fred reckons his left buttock has never been the same since.

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Harry is not, by nature, submissive, and he lives a dangerous life.

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I will have rules for you Harry, and I will expect you to follow them.

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Harry jumped off his bed and stamped hard on the floor.

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If anything is happening or you are unsure, let me know.

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Yay for highly localised windstorms!

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I just have a short attention span.

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Once the Weasleys have made their way through the floo, the adults turn to harry.

That was what the mirror promised me, my dream come true.

Then he whirled about and snarled several very potent and terrible swear words for ten minutes.

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