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The Uchiha had taken it upon himself to poke fun at Naruto's obvious inability to go through puberty at the same time as the rest of the boys, what with his tiny frame, baby fat cheeks that placed him firmly in the 'cute' category when concerning girls' gossip and…and… Sasuke's thoughts trailed off at the sight of a tall, masculine blond jogging dick clark branson mo to him.

If you keep teasing me like that I might not be able to hold back and hurt you or something!

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Not shitting on Sasuke but damn why is his Dick so Op where even he can't stop it.

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But times like now…Sasuke could easily drive himself nuts pondering of the enigma his friend could be.

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Taming Sasuke Sasuke had to use every trick in the book to successfully sneak out of the Uchiha compound without being noticed.

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What happened to the slender frame?

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Bring Back Every Memory.

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Instead, a soft smile graced his features as he inclined his head, peppering Sasuke's face with soft kisses and small licks, clearing away the trail of tears and catching any new ones as they fell.

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Naruto's hands finally stopped clutching the damn couch and came up to caress Sasuke's skin - traveling from his hips, up his sides, to his chest, fingers splaying out to brush against pink nipples on their roving path before moving around vintage turquoise ladies ring his back, massaging their way down to his ass.

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Of course the rumors would fly out of hand the second he left!

I wonder what sasukes penis looks like.

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