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The girls first had to talk to Firestone in groups of two to see who will impress him enough to go onto the dinner.

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Mo'Nique made a point of asking for the grilled cheese sandwiches, which she sampled first.

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She also warns Shay about being an enabler, and that she should do better with picking her friends.

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From the first season, Smiley returned due to her emotional outbursts, especially the one the night of her elimination; Serious, for her egomania during a confrontation New York had with Hottie, Goldie for drinking, passing out and vomiting her first night in the house; Pumkin for spitting on New York; Rain for engaging in a screaming match with New York and Hottie for her "adorable" behavior, which, amongst other things, led her to big cock in her pussy raw chicken to Flavor Flav and his mother.

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This week the eight remaining girls learn about generosity when Mo challenges them to give away their own clothes to a thrift store that benefits AIDS research.

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