Post op mtf srs results.

Post op mtf srs results. The patient healed with a course of antibiotics within 1 week.

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Three patients had MRI both before and after the operation.

A year-old male-to-female patient operated 6 months before presenting with clinically suspicious abscess in the left gluteal region:

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One patient presented with acute abdomen 4 days after the operation.

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On medical examination, the testis was not palpable.

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Only patients having pelvic MR available for retrospective review were considered.

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B, bladder; P, prostate.

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Her dilation routine went very well and she informs she is maintaining a stable 6.

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He and his entire staff are warm, lovely, and do an incredible job going above and beyond to make you feel taken care every step of the way.

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An average neovaginal length of

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In the hands of a qualified surgeon, patients can expect normal urination, sexual sensation, and minimal scarring.

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A year-old male-to-female patient operated 13 years before, who developed neovaginal stenosis:

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