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Jody, I think everyone needs something to believe in, as in a reason to why we exist, or co-exist in your instance.

You probably thought that was your secret….

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While your work for this cause fulfills your sense of duty and justice, I live the reality.

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You need to head on down to Westboro and be with your own kind, you slimy, sniveling, hateful, useless, bigoted, nonsensical fuck.

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They are breeding like wild fire.

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Hey you guys making good comments on gay marriage, wake-up they are poluting kids mind, since when do you call Man a MOM?

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So by default anything that is based on hate is wrong but that has nothing to do with tolerance as the lefty loons like to use the word!

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So be carefully spreading all this hate around your house.

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Last I checked a womans body stoped a bullet just a swella s mine and they had amble strength to pull a trigger on a rifle and plenty of skill to drive a diane webber nude etc…….

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