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Spermidine originally isolated from sperm, hence the namewhen ingested, has been proven to dramatically increase the lifespan of animals by as much as 25 percent.

But have you ever wondered about the benefits of man milk?

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The primary way of controlling the taste of semen is through diet.

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If you're in a mutually monogamous relationship, and you're sure your partner is STI-free, having unprotected oral sex and swallowing his semen won't pose any serious risks beyond, possibly, a temporary stomachache.

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Will swallowing semen make an individual gain weight?

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One of these is nerve growth factor.

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The National Health Service NHS of the United Kingdom takes note of a study that is often cited claiming that semen may act as an antidepressant when absorbed within the vagina or the mouth.

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What is it good for?

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