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I like to eat my cum. Your semen will be diluted and unrecognizable, but you'll get past the psychological barrier of it passing your lips.

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After a moment or two in my mouth, I just swallowed it all.

I usually came first and she would take longer.

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I'll keep trying on my end!

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Using the tray is very easy and I get to enjoy the full flavor that is not diluted by food.

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Posted by BreaganCraite on 26 Jan

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Face full of cum I saved up my two week old load.

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I did pursue that on other occasions and every time was equally wonderful.

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I envy guys who can get their cocks right over their mouths and shoot directly into their mouth.

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Blonde amateur mouth open tongue out waiting for the cum to flow garage and swallow.

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Before your at the edge of cummimng let go of your cock and cum a little.

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