Geisha tattoo pictures.

Geisha tattoo pictures. Geishas are also knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture so as they can provide an interesting conversation with their male clients.

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What made people start having Geisha tattoos is the idea that these women represent the ideal woman.

The Geisha tattoo is the epitome feminine allure and femininity.

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One badass geisha.

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Geisha being known as feminine and gentle, this one is on its fierce side.

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These women are properly dressed, wearing very detailed kimono with brilliant colors and designs.

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Geisha are thought to be perfect in every aspect of life since they are sensual, beautiful, well dressed and even well mannered.

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If you look closely, the geisha tattoo also has a sleeve tattoo.

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The artist did a neat job and the owner took very good care of the tattoo, the colors are all so beautiful.

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Nowadays, only a few women desire to become a geisha due to its rigid and lengthy training.

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