Feminine man grows breasts.

Feminine man grows breasts. In girls, breast growth is caused by high levels of estrogen.

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Many guys find that wearing loose-fitting shirts helps make the condition less noticeable until the breast tissue shrinks over time.

Using female hormones could cause a reduction in the ability for a male to reproduce.

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Increase your intake in calories to gain not only more body mass, but breast mass as well.

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That said, Corbin mentions that phytoestrogen-rich foods are more likely to affect people who are already prone to gynecomastia like those who experienced it in puberty.

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Using illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids, marijuana, or heroin can also disrupt hormonal balance and lead to gynecomastia.

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Steven Dowshen, MD.

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But older studies disagree:

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There's also something called pseudogynecomastia or false gynecomastia.

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