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Dick blick lesson plans art. Next, powdered ink crystals are used wet or dry to create a modern interpretation of an ancient craft.

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Illumination is the decorating of books or manuscripts with ornate lettering, scrollwork, icons and images.

Artist's Canvas Painted Shoes.

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Students can share their carvings across the class for added variety!

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Trace the template onto a book, cut the pages, and open the book to reveal a 3-D piece of paper pottery!

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Velcro the sides, add a roof, and the village can be rebuilt again and again.

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Totem Sculpture Stack.

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Stencil City.

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Make one for fun, or to make a statement!

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What story would be revealed to a viewer looking at your life through a window?

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Beginning with a simple ball of clay, then carve or texture deeply.

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Monoprinting with Watercolor Markers A simple project that introduces students to printing.

The 21st century has seen a resurgence of Barn Quilts, honoring the historic connection between farming and quilting.

A cone shape amplifies existing speakers by confining sound waves and aiming them all in one direction.

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