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Constipated erotica anus turd stuck. I got some disposable gloves, mind you things were trying to move along because of the things I'd been drinking so I'm trying to hurry, I turn my bathroom sink on hot and put an hentai viper gts online wash cloth in it.

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Milk of magnesia and water worked for me.

He didn't even have phimosis, he just felt like having a foreskin was "not normal" compared to other people.

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As I get out of the car my guts are screaming to be let loose and I'm clenching my ass and doing a penguin big busty porn star and as I'm walking, shit starts leaking into my underwear and jeans.

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Ok so I've dealt w this situation 3 times in the past month.

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I was just having a lot of sex.

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It helps alot in relieving the pain and releasing my stock feces.

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Omg I have the same problem I on Ask Poopreport:

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Once every week, the camp would serve hot dogs for dinner.

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Laxatives taxatives.

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Since I also have a fissure, its been a major pain for me so i decided to dig up that impacted stool with my fingers but sadly its too hard to break it into pieces.

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The formula I've been using is two parts milk, 1 part molasses.

I was pretty confident because I was obviously on the mend and I was actually in a pretty buoyant mood as I walked to my local surgery.

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