Adult version of tetris.

Adult version of tetris. Bundled in the North American and European releases of the Game Exploited blaack teens itself and the first game compatible with the Game Link Cable, a pack-in accessory that allowed two Game Boys to link together for multiplayer purposes.

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Once three are stacked, the pieces disappear and reveal the layer below.

Adds 5 non-default tetramino shapes, combos and extra point for single color lines.

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Released in Japan, designed for seasoned and skilled Tetris players.

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The third would be--and this is the important part--smooth controls:

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It also includes new soundtracks and the classic 8-bit theme from the original Tetris game.

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If you use a pale-colored 3D glasses then It need more precise settings to separate the two eyes appropriately.

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Both direct "battles" and competitive line sprints are included.

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