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Adult baby diapered dress frilly story. Or rather more accurately, I'd learned to obey her without question.

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I shook my head and closed my eyes in panic but I felt the damp tip brush against my lips.

My lips were dry and I licked them nervously as Barbara used her lovely manicured fingers to undo the clasp that held her two huge cups together.

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Still holding my hands in hers, she looked deep into my eyes, her attractive face just inches from my own.

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Her side to side movements made her big round breasts sway and jiggle in the most erotic way and my penis stiffened immediately.

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Sobbing in defeat, I hugged my teddy air force nude closely as I softly cried myself to sleep knowing I'd probably only wet some more while I slept.

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You're actually a little baby girl in a big boy's body, desperately trying to get out, but bdsm thigh high boots one will let you," she said in cutesy voice designed for talking to toddlers, "But now that's all going to change.

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I was devastated to be seen like this and I kept my eyes on the floor, unable to look this tall, strong woman in the face.

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Her friend Emily's house was just over in the adjacent neighborhood.

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I certainly didn't want to wear diapers but I wasn't about to try and stand up to her again.

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