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Absorb her strength superheroine breasts. We will take him to the real dark side.

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He looked her up and down, unable to stop himself.

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No more relying on magic or transformations.

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Unfortunately, his silver Mandalorian armor made the shot glance off harmlessly.

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Date With A Doppelganger Lara Croft gave herself a last once over in the mirror on her vanity, before she finished getting dressed.

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He pays her a visit in her lair and defiantly stands before her as she sits arrogantly upon her royal throne.

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Happy Birthday again!

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Bracers that glowed of red sun energy were fitted around her wrists and ankles, interacting with the generator beneath her feet that kept her weightless.

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She joined the Avengers as a trainee with the name Captain Marvel, so she could learn how to use her powers.

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